5 Great Tips For Losing Belly Fat – Fat Loss Goals

If you are doing all the right things, eating right and exercising but are still struggling to lose belly fat, You are not alone. Belly fat is the trickiest of places to lose fat from, as it is affected by factors such as stress and genetics. Don’t lose all hope just yet… we have compiled 5 great tips so read on how to lose belly fat.

1. Avoiding Stress

I know what you are saying… easier said than done. Stress believe it or not is one of the main reasons we hold onto belly fat. Relaxation and meditation can help ease the stress levels in the body, they allow our stomachs to be less bloated or have less “puff”. The thing that you need to understand here is that you don’t need a lot of time for this even with a busy schedule, 10-15 minutes a day relaxing, stretching, and meditating can make an impact. I know what you are thinking easier said than done… but we can wait up to 10 minutes in Costa’s for a coffee, it is that simple.

2. Do Not Eat after 8pm

I know most working people have busy lives and don’t have the time, so come home and eat whatever time they get home. Do you know what stress that puts on the digestive system? Eating after 8pm does not allow the body to relax as it is getting tired and slowing down therefore it is crucial you finish the meal before 8pm. Eating smaller meals throughout the day can also lead to alleviating stress on the stomach and in turn will make it more efficient. This is easier on the stomach and will allow the body to relax and recover a lot quicker. Not eating after 8pm is also beneficial as the stomach is never too full and this can help relax and also give you better sleep.

3. Cardio

I know in my previous posts I have also mentioned this, but come on really did you think I had a magic pill that you would take and all your belly fat will drop off… Belly fat as you know is very stubborn to get rid of, the form of cardio needed here is interval training. Interval training is used to speed up the metabolism so that in turn it can burn the calories necessary to alleviate the pressure on the stomach area. There is no fast way it is a process whereby each day the body will become more efficient in burning calories through cardio and that will help reduce the belly fat for good.

4. Drinking Water

It has been said before and I will make the same point here, a person needs to drink water to lose retained water weight. Let me try to explain it here… The less water you drink causes you to dehydrate in the long run, that will automatically make the body store the water that you might drink, but on the flip side when you drink the recommended daily intake of water (8 glasses a day), it helps the body purify itself. To be really simple the more you drink the more toxins are got rid of from the body, cleaning out your system and flattening the belly.

5. Eating For Your Blood Type

This sounds a bit far-fetched… but there are foods that can contribute to stomach fat. The Blood Type Diet has been around for a long time but it is a very strict diet. What it boils down to is the effect in biochemistry, oh sorry I wanted to keep this less technical more of an idea… so coming back to it… the makeup of your body and blood have a connection, certain foods are easier, whereas other foods are not. You might want to google this to find out more. I will be doing a review soon on this diet.

4 thoughts on “5 Great Tips For Losing Belly Fat – Fat Loss Goals

  1. Tom


    Great article, I am currently re-working my exercise routine, so I found this really useful. I know I need to do more cardio, currently my cardio is mountain biking twice a week, but I should add some in to my gym workouts too.

    Do you have any tips with regard to eating with regard to blood type? This is a new one to me.



    1. Khayyam

      Hi Tom, 

      Sorry for the late reply, I have been away for sometime. I am glad you enjoyed my post and the 5 Great Tips For Losing Belly Fat.  When I was researching the last tip it was mentioned to me at a gym that this is the best way to lose the belly fat. Upon further research i came across a couple of books to help me along Check them out here



  2. Michael

    I never heard eating for your blood type — but I lost definitely ageee that doing hiit can quickly get rid of stomach fat on people.

    In the end though it’s all about burning more calories than your consuming.

    So I think if you can keep track of exactly how much calories your eating a day — then with some trial and error you can know exactly what you need to eat and do to either lose, gain, or maintain weight.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comments. I know that many people have not heard about The Blood Type Diet but in fact, it does exist and can be beneficial. If you read the previous comment I did leave a link for one of the books that helped me in my research. If you missed that I have it here >>The Blood Type Diet

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