A List of Fat Burning Foods – What Are They?

What are they? In this post, we will try to find a list of fat burning foods, how they can help you to achieve your fat loss goals. Once you understand how these different types of food that burn fat will work, you can then add them to your daily meal plans and then you will be in control of your fat loss.

Fat burning foods are also known as catabolic foods. These foods are inexpensive and can fit into any budget, they assist the body to get rid of fat cells… That’s what we are here for, aren’t we!

What Are They?

Fat burning foods have the ability to increase your metabolism, keep you fuller for longer, they can speed up fat loss and help you to lose weight. What you need to remember here is that they need to be incorporated into your diet on a regular basis. They will help you look leaner, lighter, confident and let you have more energy.

Let me explain the different types of fat burning foods and how they are categorized, take a look…

Negative calorie foods

These are foods that burn more calories than they have. These foods are hard to digest by the body so will burn more calories once consumed. Here is a list of these so-called negative calorie foods:

  • Celery
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli

This goes back to the calorific deficit, where you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. I think that this might work!

Foods containing nutrients that burn fat

Some foods directly or indirectly encourage the body to burn fat. These foods might directly burn fat by being a natural fat burner or by helping the bodies own processes ultimately making the body to burn more fat. Some examples of these nutrients are:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Appetite fillers

What I mean here is that these type of foods make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. They, in turn, prevent you from snacking, so you do not deviate off your meal plan and ultimate goal, to lose that extra fat. They also suppress the appetite so you do not eat all the time and only when you need to. One of these foods can be coffee, this is used to suppress the appetite and is also a diuretic getting rid of the water weight, ultimately making you achieve what you want.

Foods that boost the metabolism

Yeah! there are foods out there that can help you boost your metabolism, this will help you burn more fat. When your metabolism is faster it can burn more calories and fat, therefore making you reach those fat loss goals. An example of this is chilies, but don’t get too excited just one or two in a week is good for you like everything else, when you start to over indulge then it becomes a problem.

Foods that keep you full

These type of foods keep you full, allowing the body to burn the excess fat.

Protein from lean meat, turkey, and chicken is a good calorie burner as it makes the body burn more calories to break it down and it helps you be fuller, thus preventing you from snacking.

Fiber-rich foods can also do this, you must have heard of the saying that “you need to eat porridge” in the mornings that is because they can help you maintain a fuller feel and they have low calories.

Things to consider…

Fat burning foods are inexpensive, they need to be incorporated into your meal plans and daily routine so that you have a balanced diet and you are consistently burning fat.

Each category above has a vast list of foods to be considered but this post would just be too long so I have highlighted some things above which can easily be incorporated without affecting your shopping routine.

Try things out and set up a meal plan incorporating what you have learned.

So what you need to do is to swap that pizza for a salad, mixing it up with tuna or chicken strips with a little olive oil just as an example.

6 thoughts on “A List of Fat Burning Foods – What Are They?

  1. Cinderella

    I have struggled to lose fat especailly belly fat and I do agree that Products can be Found easily, I intend to follow Your advice and incorporate some of These foods into my diet plan and see what happens

    Anything else you can advise for me to lose belly Fat faster? I will really appreciate Your Help.

    1. Khayyam


      Thank you for your comments, what you need to learn is that fat loss is achieved over time. Please read my review on What is Red Tea Detox? – Unbiased Review, if you follow the whole program it will help you lose the excess fat.



  2. Rae Anne Pond

    This is great information! I was just in the hospital for surgery which required a three day inpatient rehabilitation. The doctor put me on a diabetic diet, so according to the menu I was filling up on zero carb foods but since wasn’t really good goal according to your article. Instead of eating only low carb foods, I should have been aiming for fat burning good instead which also would have kept me fuller longer. Excellent information! I wrote this information down. THANK you for writing this post!

    1. Khayyam

      Hi Rae,

      I can understand where you are coming from my dad was a diabetic for 37 years. The tips I have picked up from him was that he knew what to eat and when without losing energy. You will know what I mean you get tired, he controlled the portion sizes and controlled his blood sugar levels with insulin. He had a very simple but effective diet, he always had a salad with his meals, zero calorie items, cucumbers, celery and leafy greens.

      One thing I do remember is that he loved to walk, so would do this for a short duration but in intervals, 10 minutes in the morning afternoon and night.

      Hope that helps,


  3. David

    Fantastic article. I have been wanting to lose a few pounds and I came across your article.
    I wanted to lose some weight without having to do one of those so called diet fads. Your very informative article showed me I can just incorporate some of the foods you suggest and I’ll be on my way to looking great again.
    Again thank you so much,

    1. Khayyam

      Thank you David, for the comments, I will be writing more on this subject in the coming weeks, to give people more of an understanding of each food type and how they can benefit you in your fight against fat loss.



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