Fitness Activity Trackers – What Are They?

Fitness Activity Trackers have been around for a long time now. When I first began my journey to lose fat and achieve the fat loss goals I did not even know what they were. Fitness activity trackers are used to answer the questions your body is giving you, in effect they let you know in short how much work you have put in. Just like you, I started to see how they would benefit me, and what they actually can do. Read on…

What Are They?

Let’s get into it… Fitness activity trackers are electronic devices that monitor what the body is doing, they are also known as fit bands. Many people from fitness freaks to normal people are using these activity trackers because they want to know how to improve their body using the data collected by the device. They can monitor the amount of sleep, movement, steps taken, your daily activity and calorie intake, to name a few.

The fitness activity tracker lets the user set and track their own personal goals through the device display and a supporting app. I will get into this a bit later… I know that what I found really boring was tracking my progress, it’s easy when you have a personal trainer let’s be honest not everyone can afford one! This is where the fitness activity tracker will take over and monitor everything. The take-home message here is that unfit people like you and me can get detailed information to help us stay motivated.  Some of these devices also connect to your mobile phone so you get updated about any important events.

How do they work?

What a good question! Let me try to answer this one in the simplest form possible. I know, you are thinking it’s sensors, Yes! you are right. These fitness activity trackers are wearable devices, why I say this is because it’s not just a wristband or fit band. By using sensors under the display which when touched to your wrist can easily record the activity of the body. What it can measure is heart rate, body temperature, brain activity, and muscle motion, this is great and very critical for you to stay on the path to success. Now that is all great but the best part is when it is combined with the fitness app on your mobile phone it will give you all the information in an easy to read format, for example line graphs or bar charts.

The data collected can also be used to share with other people. This is another factor that is important for you to stay on the path of your fat loss goals and keep focused.

Types of activity trackers

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself. Fitness activity trackers do come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s see…

Clip On’s

As it says, it clips on. These are for those people who do not want to wear the activity tracker all day but just when they are working out, as they feel uncomfortable about being monitored all the time.


Probably the most widely used by all and reasonably priced. They are attached to the wrist like a watch slightly smaller more like a bracelet. This is probably the best option in my opinion but you may find the other two more appealing.

Sport watches

These type of fitness tracker is like a watch quite bulky and can be expensive but it does come with more features like GPS, message alerts, Bluetooth and many more…

What you need to remember is that for the activity tracker to be effective it must be worn all the time to give you a better picture of what you need to improve. This is a great asset to have and makes it easier for you to find your weak points and improve them.

Features to look out for

Some of the most important aspects to these activity trackers are the features they have. Let me list them for you…

  • Design and DisplayEasy navigation, type of display.
  • Comfort LevelComfortable to wear.
  • TrackingCollation of data from various sources i.e. running, sleeping and calorie intake.
  • Heart rate monitoring 
  • Calorie Tracking
  • Battery LifeThis can range from one day to several months.
  • Water ResistanceThis is important as sweating can cause some devices to not work effectively.
  • BudgetYou decide the amount based on features and benefits of the device
  • CompatabilityMake sure it works with your mobile phone and laptop.
  • Wireless TechLetting you connect to other devices wirelessly.


Let’s wind this one up… What have you learned from all the waffle above is that an activity tracker can help you to improve yourself and reach your fat loss goals faster? It is important for you to remember that not all activity trackers come with great craftsmanship and although I will be reviewing the best activity trackers soon, be careful what you choose to buy.

The key to using an activity tracker is to make sure that they are part of your lifestyle and you use the information collated to improve yourself.  Keep in mind the three points of getting an activity tracker:

  • Style of Tracker
  • Stats Measured
  • Online Applications

Although I have tried to best put down what fitness activity trackers are I may have missed out on some of the detail(s). I have tried to highlight the best information out there.

Finally, the activity tracker will not make you lose weight alone, it is another way for you to monitor, adapt, and improve. If you have enjoyed reading this, Please leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “Fitness Activity Trackers – What Are They?

  1. Jamie

    Great Article! As Boxer I tend to wonder what is the best type of tracker to get. I’m thinking probably a clip on tracker would probably be best for me going forward. It would be good to monitor more closely when I’m working out. As I can’t use the traditional wrist or watch trackers due to wearing boxing. I’ll definitely start to look into clip on. Thanks!

    1. Khayyam

      Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate it. I will be reviewing some trackers in the next couple of days, Keep a look out. I think you are right a clip on is probably best with you being a boxer.


  2. Mike Viray

    Hi Khayyam, thanks for writing this. I admit that outside of smartphones, gaming tech, etc I’m not really well-versed on fitness trackers. This article was enlightening.

    Are all fitness trackers designed to endure wear-and-tear though? Such as water immersion, accidental drops, etc.I’d like to believe that they’d be optimized for outdoor use.

    1. Khayyam

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for reading the post. So far I have come across that some of these fitness activity trackers are not water resistant, some are. The same is for the wear-and-tear. I will only be reviewing the activity trackers that I think have the best quality, in terms of everything, so if you keep checking back i will be posting soon.



  3. Dennis

    This article comes at a perfect time. I have been thinking about a fitness tracker for a while now but had no understanding of what they are exactly. I know many people love them but like anything else that I buy, I want to understand what it is before I spend my money. Thank you for an in-depth look at them.

    1. Khayyam

      Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated.


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