Losing Belly Fat – Myth or Truth?

Losing belly fat is probably the most talked about phenomenon in the gym, inside the home and in general discussion.  Belly fat is it a myth or is there some truth to the matter

By Khayyam Ishaq

Losing Belly Fat

It can be very frustrating but everybody is different. Stay committed to your training and nutrition – and don’t be dissuaded by the commercials and images that show perfectly proportioned clones.

Understand how your body works, and set fat loss goals accordingly.

What is Fat?

Fat is an essential part of the body functioning. Fat is stored in fat cells  around the body (adipocytes) their job is to store energy in the form of fat. Now the body distribution of fat differs from person to person. There are two main types of fat storage:

  • visceral (surrounding your organs)
  • subcutaneous (just under your skin)

Visceral fat, belly fat is the most harmful type of fat that surrounds your organs. Visceral fat has been associated with many health problems from Diabetes, to Heart problems.

The common mistake generally made by people is to try to isolate the stomach muscles and do abs exercises to reduce the belly fat. Belly fat cannot be removed by spot reduction. This is only achieved by a combination of diet and exercise.

Another myth is “If I eat less, I will lose the belly fat”, decreasing the amount you eat is only negating the process of removing the fat from your body. The body will go into fat storage mode, so eat breakfast.

Dieting and exercising are not the only factors to think about, even though they form the essential building blocks of your success to achieving that flat stomach. Managing stress and getting a good nights sleep is also essential,  sleep and stress play an important part in losing that belly fat. Not enough sleep and high stress levels can lead to hampering your fat loss goals. In this situation your body will release a hormone known as cortisol, which tells the body to store the fat in the mid-section.

Don’t try the quick fix, jumping on the bandwagon with fad diets and hopeless commercials telling you to do this exercise and it will reduce your belly faChange Eating Habits Mealt or eat this and it will reduce the amount of fat around the belly.

Try changing your eating habits to:

  • eating more fresh produce,
  • lean protein
  • and whole grains instead.

Now the key to your success depends a lot on time an patience. Don’t expect the unexpected, weight loss does not occur just in one place. Getting rid of the belly is an important goal to have, but you will see results faster around other parts of your body first.

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